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Setting up Outgoing Mail authentication in Thunderbird

Follow the red circles and numbers on the screenshots.

1) Open Mozilla Thunderbird


2) Click on the "Tools" menu, up at the top of the screen. (figure. 1)

Figure.1 - Main Thunderbird Screen



3) Click on "Account Settings..." (figure 2)

Figure.2 - The Tools Menu



4) This will pop up a new window. On here, down at the very bottom of the left hand column, you will fin done titled "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" Click on it. . (figure 3)

Figure.3 - Account Settings view



5) Highlight (click on) the outgoing server name and click the "Edit..." button. (figure 4)

Figure.4 -Account Settings - Outgoing Server list


6) On here is a check box, "Use name and password" Check this box if it's unchecked. The box below will light up, and here you need to fill in your username. (figure 5)

Figure.5 - SMTP Server Settings


7) Click on the OK button. Then click on the OK button on the Account settings window.

8) The next time you go to send out mail, it will come up and ask you for your password. Fill it in, and check the "remember password" box, and you'll be all set.